Aluminum, rust, convoluted conduit, plumbing, pipes, connections, bolts, scrap metal, signage, gears, cogs, discards and remnants of industrial production, collectively a strange aesthetic, yet alluringly attractive for subject matter for abstraction.

The large paintings are a throwback to earlier work which I entitled the “Long Work”, paintings that are very short in height and very wide across. This format allowed the creation of mini-murals with a variety of content flowing in, around and through each other to ultimately produce a balanced whole work of art. These new long works are specifically influenced by industrial images that I have used to make abstract forms.

The smaller, digital mixed media work is created beginning with the collection, editing and manipulation of images to create a digital picture or painting. The digital “picture”, functioning as the “drawing” in this instance, is printed on canvas and then reworked and covered over with oil paint and colored pencil. Some of the original digital image is allowed to show through thin layers of oil paint washes. In other areas the paint completely obliterates the digital photo eliminating detail and simplifying the form making it more abstract. The completed piece is a combination of photography, computerized (Photoshop) manipulation and painting.