My work explores various themes taken from religion & mysticism, primitive culture & folk art, and the human anatomy. I also enjoy playing with text, using phrases and standard sayings in a cloyingly literal ‘tongue-in-cheek’ way.
I studied art in New Mexico in the 80’s, and became more educated about and  inspired by the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos, and found myself surrounded by primitive and lush religious iconography such as  altars, stained glass, sacred hearts and Milagros.  I’m also inspired by the look of newly discovered, partially uncovered artifacts & bones, how they look while still imbedded in the earth. I often work in a ‘relief’ style  with my clay work in an attempt to capture this.
I strive for a very primitive feel in my art, and like using natural materials, such as clay, wood, metal and glass, the wonderful textures and  colors they have. I consider my work to be somewhat whimsical and humorous, but with a ‘darker’ tone or thought at the core, drawing on ancient ideas and themes, simple imagery placed oddly in a modern world.