Self -identity is a manifestation of beliefs that define who we are inside rather than what we look like. I am a woman. This is how I identify myself.  My current body of work reflects on how western culture looks upon gender. This is not always an easy thing to do because it means pulling off and away all that is safe and expose the rawness underneath. This is the focus of my work. As a contemporary artist, I no longer limit or identify myself by a particular media but rather I let the concept of the work determine my choice of media.


Outside the studio, I design boutique scarves for SHOPVIDA.COM and work as an adjunct instructor at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  I have been teaching at the college since 2009. In addition, I lead workshops in printmaking, Portraiture and Life Drawing at the Art Students League of Denver.  I have a Masters of Fine Art degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, a Masters of Art degree in Art History from Ohio State University. I am also a contributing writer to Rootstalk an on-line magazine based out of California.