I, Lisa Corine von Koch, AKA The Baroness Elsa von, hail from the wild and beautiful desert of Moab, Utah, where my passion for the land, color, light and was nurtured. I continually seek the ultimate balance of Nature and Culture: an ideal situation in which each enhances the other, illuminating the best in each. Never content to merely imitate the natural world with traditional art media, I dramatically immerse myself as a character to study the experience of a human in the environment. The resulting works of art are the record of these experiences, brought back to share what I learn with the tribe. This requires ritual, discipline, deprivation, obsession, bravery, and costumes. Luckily, I love all of those things.  

Ceremonial Documenter. Color Fancier. Performance Artist. Advanced Beginner. Frequent Dancer. Excited Collaborator. Desert Grrrl. Costume Enthusiast.  

As an artist, a yogi, a world traveler, and lover of the great outdoors, I do not fear traveling into the unknown: mining varying states of consciousness, exploring the body, mind and spirituality, exposing/creating personal mythology, and dancing my way into realization, actualization and inspiration.  


Website: Lisacorinevonkoch.com