I allow myself to get lost in translation. The content of my paintings emerges, initiated by memories, or emotion. My ideas turn into a stream of thoughts, left to gather on the canvas. I let loose traces of anything tangible. Layer after layer; I expose an assortment of dreamlike language, a personal vernacular. The resemblances of things familiar vanish, and what remains is energy and sensations.

The art is not a depiction of a place, but a reality represented in paint. There is a joy and a challenge that I find in pure abstraction. What matters is being there, active in the process, experiencing the feelings and expressions associated with reflective thinking. It is rigorous yet wondrous; a sublime freedom, a poet occurrence.

I paint to express the things that I cannot say with words, things that are hard for me to explain; such as my culture or my beliefs, they get lost in translation. However, art is capable of going beyond language, able to touch the spirit.